Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Me the Hypocrite

i no u can peice together what im tryin to say and comunicatxn is possable thru many difrent rowts with da ultmate gole bing understandng, but plz take the time two pruf reed ur mesagz b/c how u right on BB reflex ur tension to detale. i dont expect Fillingane precision, but leven out intire _ _ _ _ _ n makin comon misteaks does knot reflect well on u oar are profesion. obviosly this is a exadgeration , but lettuce step it up plz.

Initially I was going to post this on my school's on-line Discussion Board, but several of my more discerning friends felt it would not accomplish much and would only aggravate my sensitive classmates. They were right and I begrudgingly kept the message in my Drafts folder of my e-mail until now.

I am fully aware that my grammar, spelling, and writing are not perfect by any standard, but it is important that I try to maintain a certain level of professionalism in my communication so that it does not deteriorate to a discrediting level. Consequently I put myself out there to be evaluated and will probably be proven a hypocrite by some grammar fiend, but that is my intention.

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