Thursday, July 10, 2008

All This For Lousy Corn

The ground is worked over thoroughly in preparation for the last frost of the year. At the mentioned date the seeds are carefully placed in the ground - not too deep, but not too shallow. Then comes the wait for water and warmth, which cause the seeds to sprout up through the fertile soil, showing life and vigor.

In order for the corn not to be choked off by itself it must be appropriately thinned, ridding the extraneous and retaining the necessary. This is followed by fertilization with the ever important element nitrogen.

As the corn grows higher and higher it requires even more attention and work. Watering must be adequate to counter the intense heat in July and August and if pollination does not occur the end product will be an empty cob.

After the watering, the weeding, and the waiting comes the harvest, which is no simple task either. The corn must be removed from the stalk at the right time or the produce will begin to deteriorate in quality, and thus quantity.

Once removed from the stalk, the husk must be shucked and the corn prepared in some manner suitable to be consumed (raw corn is edible, but not very appealing).

All in all, the work and energy that is required to eat corn on the cob is quite extensive and sometimes the result is simply lousy corn despite the effort.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beyond Being

I should probably be sitting on the commode instead of striking the letters on this keyboard because my thoughts are rather slim - once I was told to clear the bowels as a means to ameliorate writer's block (sorry Grandma, this is probably not appropriate material to write about on the web).

It is extremely difficult to create an enduring message that will move people from simply "being" towards a sense of "purpose." I chiefly believe this is because it has to be a process that I essentially arrive at on my own - I have to create my own message.

That is not to say that others will not contribute significantly towards defining my purpose, but it is not my purpose if someone hands it to me in a nicely packaged bundle. It will not come from a movie, or a book, or a great speaker, but through hard work, frustration, and patience.

I really feel generic and am unsure of what I wrote above, I just know that I want a reason to be different and do things differently, but I try to shortcut the process. Whatever.