Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Different People in Different Places

We are all the product of our environment and who we are is manifest by how we interact with our surroundings. Therefore it would follow that as we change from one environment to the next so shall we accordingly change.

Am I a different person in Colorado than I am in Kansas City or Rome? Should it really matter where I am or is that simply an excuse?

But what part of us changes? Is it merely that we occupy our time with different things in different places? Or, are we fundamentally different people in different places? Do we have a sense of place built in to who we are?

Once again many questions with not so many answers (very cliche I know and really just a front for laziness).

Considering environment as just a place though will quickly reveal that we are chiefly the same person in different places. We get into the same ruts, we do the same things, and we essentially become who we have always been. Yet, when environment incorporates relationship, purpose, vision, and encouragement then we are different people in different places.